CompView NuCart

The NuCART replaces old-fashioned, bulky video towers and is a more cost effective solution than suspending equipment and displays from ceiling booms. The best-in-class reach of the arms provides excellent ergonomically comfortable viewing zones on either side of the patient. The long booms can help alleviate tower clutter around the patient because of their 7’+ reach. The spacious shelves help consolidate equipment into a single footprint-saving floor space.


Customize how you see your procedures. A fully articulating monitor docking system together with a specially designed integration software package. The future in operating room management and integration.


The MDS is a portable image management system that, combined with the onboard video router, displays multi-modality images on high definition (HD) monitors mounted on counterbalanced articulating arms that have extraordinary range of motion and positioning.

  • Place monitors where needed in a stacked, split, side by side, staggered or an over-the-table position.
  • Manage multi-modality HD images and sources, and display them in picture-in-picture (PIP), split screen or wide screen mode.
  • Store a wide range of accessory devices including endoscopy cameras, light sources, DVR, printer, electro cautery and many other devices.


After being out of the mini c-arm market for several years OEC has reitroduced the MiniView Mini C-Arm. The new Mini-C has a CMOS Flat Detector, like Elite, and offers unprecedented flexibility. No longer will staff have to move drapes to lock and unlock the C. With Smart Lock the doctor is in control. With the push of a button the joints in the arm lock and unlock giving the surgeon full control.

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